Marble Demystified

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Marble Demystified

One of the hottest trends in stone is marble. Rich and opulent, sleek and stylish, marble is becoming a must-have material in modern homes. Used in sculpture by the ancient Greeks and Romans for centuries, there is a timelessness to it that reads classic and elegant. With the resurgence of the popularity of natural materials, marble is a stunning stone option.

We work with Virginia Marble, a regional company offering both natural stone (granite and marble) and cultured marble, which allows for customization of color and texture.

What is marble?

Marble is a metamorphic rock, often metamorphosed limestone. Ranging from pure white to sleek black, pink overtones, greenish casts, neutral browns, and in a wide variety of striated colors, there is a variation of marble for virtually ever color scheme. The color differentiations are a result of the mineral content of the pre-metamorphic rock.

It is a softer stone, allowing for carving and sculpting, and is shatter-resistant. In recent years, manufacturers have worked to create synthetic marble materials bringing the beauty of marble to the mainstream.

Where does marble come from?

Marble is mined around the world including: Greece, Ireland, India, Spain, Italy (home of the popular Carrara and Sienna marble), the U.K., Russia, Romania, Macedonia, Sweden, Germany, and the U.S.  

Where can marble be used?

Marble is versatile in home construction, with application in master baths, showers, vanity tops, bathtubs, as well as kitchen and bar countertops.

How do you care for marble?

Marble is beautiful but does require maintenance. As it is a softer stone, it is best to seal it to protect it from acidic substances (vinegar, citrus, tomato) and to use coasters and cutting boards on kitchen marble surfaces. Wipe up spills immediately to avoid staining, and avoid the use of abrasive cleaners.


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