Laundry Room Love

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 Laundry Room Love

Many hours of our lives are spent in our laundry rooms – wash, dry, fold, and repeat.

Doesn’t it make sense to make that space as inviting, functional, and relaxing as possible?

Key facets to a functional laundry space:

Storage – Having enough storage, in the right configurations, at the right height, with the right accessories makes all the difference. Cabinets to hold supplies, nooks and crannies for smaller items, and even a place for the bulky laundry basket are helpful additions.

Cabinet manufacturers are meeting the demand with some inventive cabinet options designed for laundry rooms – a cabinet with a fold out ironing board, tilt out hamper baskets, racks and rods, cubbies, and drawers with dividers. Consider using a combination of cabinets and open shelving. Plan a place for everything.

Ergonomic design  - The space is planned to be efficient and easy to use. The washer and dryer are positioned next to one another, at a height that allows for stress-free access, and a space for folding dried clothing. In a well-designed space, the workflow is more fluid, and therefore, more satisfactory.

Aesthetics – Let the laundry room showcase your personality. It is the perfect place to play with pattern, bring on a bold color, or add a little whimsy. Soothing neutral tones can be a smart choice, bringing calm to the space, and bright white is a traditional choice, reflecting the clean feel of freshly washed linens.

The work of laundry requires adequate light. Natural light is best, but not always possible. In situations where a bright sunny window is not an option, consider adding under cabinet lighting, strong overhead lighting with a natural light LED bulb.

Durability – The laundry room takes a beating. Making sure to use building materials of good quality will make the space usable for years.

Laundry is part of life. Adding great design makes a necessary evil much more pleasant.


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